This page is to assist first-time visitors to the Hamilton Area. It is not comprehensive in terms of accommodation options Near the venue, but just to provide some information on options.

Camping at Narrows Park:

  • Unpowered camping: $15/night/person
  • Powered camping (extremely limited availability): $18/night/person
  • Bunk rooms (limited availability): $26/night/person

Bunk rooms have 8 beds per room, in 4 sets of bunks. You can specify names of people you would like to share rooms with (or absolutely do not want to share rooms with!). You will receive your bunk room assignment when you check in for the festival. Showers and kitchens available to all campers.

Book camping with your tickets: NOT ACTIVE YET. TICKETS ON SALE OCTOBER 1ST.

Home Stay

Paul Trenwith is organising locals who can host Kiwigrass attendees as home-stay guests. Please contact Paul to request a local host billet.

Accommodation in Hamilton:

Close to venue

This list is not comprehensive at all. Internet search results can best help find the right option for you.

More options within 15 minutes drive of the venue: